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Poster with Vegan Art
Fashion illustration
Fashion illustration of a model with sun glasses
Fashion illustration of a black beautiful model
Illustration of an attractive elegant man
Illustration of an attractive elegant woman
Illustration of an attractive elegant couple in love
A family of mice in the underground
Mice fighting in the London underground
A family of mice in the woods
Cosmopolitan magazine cover
fighting woman
Illustration of a woman
Illustration of a blond woman like a pin-up
Super heroes book cover
Summer time poster
Party people
White poodle character
sleep-walker through at Highgate Cemetery
Statue at Highgate Cemetery
Grave at Highgate Cemetery
Vampire at Highgate Cemetery
Fashion runway from seats
Pink kitten heeled shoe
Champagne bottles composition
Lipstick & Lips
Magma Bar Activities brochure
Black & white fashion illustration a model
Elegant women eating spaghetti
Illustration of a model posing in Capri
Illustration of two girls at the beach
Illustration of two women sun tanning at the beach
Illustration of two girls having fun in a lavender field
Beauty Illustrations for a Vogue publication
Illustration for fragrance packaging
Illustration for fragrance packaging
Illustration for British Telecom
Illustration of a Make-up Artist and the Stylist
Book Cover
Book Cover
Book Cover
Model walking in high heels
Magma Bar - Poster
Clarins Cosmetics - characters
Illustration of some dogs of Penzance
Illustration of some dogs of Penzance
Illustration of young people partying at the beach for MTV
Illustration of His Hop Artist MF Doom
Illustration for Karine Arabian
Illustrations for a book
Illustrations for a book
Illustration for Karine Arabian
Illustration for Karine Arabian
Illustration for Dim underwear
Illustration for Clarins Cosmetics
illustration for a book cover
CD cover for a remix by Kiss FM
Illustration for book cover
illustration for Sol Beer advertising
Woman reading in a bikini on a pier
Creative studio run by Monica Laita specialising in Illustration & Concept Design, Animation, Storyboard Design, Digital Matte Painting, Photography Retouching & Rotoscoping.

Work with: Hermès, Garnier, Clarins, Swarovski, Marc Jacobs, KFC, Sol Beer, Marks & Spencer, Uber Eats, BT, Plenish, Dim, The Correspondents, BBC, Black Mirror, Jeep, Virgin, M&C Saatchi, Mother London, Penguin Books USA, Cosmopolitan, Timeout, Looks Magazine, Elle Girl, MarieClaire France, FHM, Vogue Publication and more...
Feel free to contact us regarding projects, collaborations, or just to say hello!

Monica Laita
Email: info@mojoforever.com
Drawing is my first love, my true passion. I grew up drawing filling notepads with epic imaginary stories of love & adventure around a group of teenagers living in boarding school on a planet I called Vega, fighting enemies from outer space and the oppressive system of their galaxy. I know it's odd especially that when it was down to the male characters, I was rather inclined to sketch them down as hasty shadows, since to me the boys were far from being as compelling to draw as my badass imaginary girls à la 'Kill Bill', lol..
The first illustration commission I managed to pull off was in1992 by Monoprix cosmetics, an amazing opportunity that led me to the realisation that after 'les cours de stylisme du Studio Bercot', the great Parisien course I had attended, I wasn't going to be the new Vivienne Westwood on the block or the next Armani establishment. Back then I somehow very naively ignored that fashion design doesn't intail the mere delight of drawing pretty images for the sake of it. Firstly I had no doubt on the studies and direction I undertook but I couldn't be more wrong.
Suddenly, I could afford to go back to college and explore the visual arts from another angle.
1998 was the year of my second 'first' commission by a magazine called 'More!' who believed in my talent. From that onwards came a long list of assignments of which I collected some here in the Archive forlder. A collection that retrace the long path, the styles & techniques I explored on my